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Why do you only take clients by referral?

Like we say on our main page we take our work and our reputation seriously — we also take our client reputations seriously — so we only consider working with individuals and companies who have been referred by current or past clients.

Again, if you’re not interested in our quality of work or cannot get a referral we recommend using something like WIX to create a free website yourself. There are also plenty of sources for free or cheap logo design and the like.

How much do you charge?

We aren’t cheap but we’re worth it. There are plenty of options for a free website for your company but that’s not what we do or who we are. You can expect to pay $4,800 and up for a website from us and around $2,000 or so for logo design. When you experience the service and see — and use — your new website you’ll agree it was worth it. Just ask some of our clients!

The first step is contacting us. The process is free all the way up to signing a proposal.

Do we have to pay you for updates?

No. We build our websites so that they are super easy to update and take care of. In fact, if you can type an email or update your Facebook status you can edit your own website. We offer “block time” — see that question below — but the site will be yours and you’ll be able to take good care of it. We even give you “how-to” training videos that explain all of the main ways to update the site.

What support do you offer?

If you need help with your website after it’s launched — from the biggest thing to the smallest — we are here to help. We offer free 6 month support; including fixes and tweaks because we know that sometimes things aren’t what you thought they would be until after you’re using it. After that we offer what we call “block time” < look at the next question for more about block time.

What is Block Time?

Block time gives you the ability to “pre-buy” time at a reduced hourly rate that is then usable for anything you want outside of a separate and/or new project. This includes website updates, fixes, design, consultation, etc. Our normal hourly rate is $135, but block time gives you time at $110 per hour. This time never expires.

Many clients buy 10 hours of time simply to have with us. This lets them email us when they’re pressed for time, can’t remember how to update something, or just don’t want to do something and say, “Can you please… ” We start a timer, note the changes — in case you want to see a record of time used at the end of it — and do the work for you.

Some clients buy 40 hour blocks and keep us on retainer for all of their website updates. This is great if you know you aren’t going to have time or just don’t even want to learn how to update the site yourself.

When you get down to 2 hours or less we’ll email you and let you know so if you want to buy more time you can.

Ask some of our clients what they think of block time!

How long have you been in business?

Park East was founded in 2003 and we’ve been specializing in websites the whole time. We work to make sites that work for you getting rid of the “clutter” and focusing on funneling visitors to do the things that you want them to do on your site. Whether its more sales, gathering data, informing people of what you do, or just making it easy for people to find you.

Do you offer SEO?

Every website we build is built with SEO in mind and integrated into the site. We’ll work with you after launch as well to tweak and hone in on the SEO for your site so you’re coming up on search engines for what you need to come up for.

Can you fix / do SEO / etc. on my current site?

Sorry, but no. It’s much better to simply start from scratch.

In the world of website design there are lots and lots of fast-food web design services. Things you can get “for free” and “do yourself.” There are lots of designers who just plug in your content and spend no time making your site anything more than a glorified pre-made template. In the world of fast-food websites we are a professional chef.

If you got a hamburger from McDonald’s you wouldn’t take it to Gordon Ramsay and ask him to make it into a 6 course gourmet meal. That’s the same thing with us. We won’t take something already “cooked” by someone else and try to make it good. Instead we start with all the best “ingredients” and make the website you’re wanting from scratch.

Again, just some of our clients, they’ll testify that we’re worth it and that your site will be… well… delicious.